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Travel the world with WorldCast Anglers. From pre-trip to post-trip, our dedicated staff members and hosts will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your angling journey is seamless, stress-free and the best possible experience available.

Black Tail Invitational 2018 Report!

2018 Tournament Report! The Black Tail Invitational is a fly fishing tournament for Permit. The team of Captain and Single Angler, who catch, photograph, measure, release and tag the most inches of Permit combined throughout the tournament wins.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Reports!

Stay up to date with the latest fly fishing and river reports in the Jackson Hole and Teton Valley area. Consistently updated throughout the week for the Henry’s Fork, South Fork of the Snake, Snake River, Teton River and many more!

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\r\nWorldCast Anglers 5th Annual Black Tail Invitational Permit Tournament: For the most part the weather played nice for WorldCast Anglers 5th Annual Black Tail Invitational Permit ...
La Pescadora Fly Fishing Lodge Hosted Trip Report:\r\n\"WorldCast Anglers reserved a peak week at La Pescadora Lodge, just south of Punta Allen, Mexico this past spring, and it was an...
Jardines de la Reina - Cuba Hosted Trip Report 2018: Cuba is one of those countries and angling locations that is interesting to many anglers. With the vast majority of the country...

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