Brunton Torpedo 2600 Review and Test – Hope Strong

hope-strongBrunton Torpedo 2600 Review and Test – Hope Strong: Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. As a fly shop, we recognize it’s hard to differentiate between the plethora of angling gear choices. So, we put the gear in the hands of those that demand the most and the best, our WCA Fly Fishing Guides. We picked our top new products in the WCA Fly Shop for the 2016 Fishing Season. We placed those items in the hands of our guides to wear, use, cast, fish, abuse and enjoy! Simply put, it’s gear that is WCA Guide Tested.

If you don’t believe in six degrees of separation, you have not met WCA Guide Hope Strong. The combination of Hope’s love of area rivers and his passion for storytelling and news reporting create a special day on the water. Now those photos and stories can be documented anytime with the Brunton Torpedo 2600!

Brunton Torpedo 2600 Review and Test - Hope Strong“The Brunton Torpedo 2600 is a perfect backup battery charger for your phone or other device if you are always on the go; however, it has a few issues.

Brunton Torpedo 2600 Review and Test - Hope StrongFirstly, the Torpedo is billed a fully charged and ready-to-go right out of its packaging. I did not find this to be so. Upon first use, I got my phone to charge two percentage points before the Torpedo died. After that initial use, the Torpedo charged very slowly, like six or eight hours, when connected to a plug at home. I thought that would be the most effective way to charge the Torpedo, but it seems this device is best charged in the cigarette lighter of your car (if they’re still called that).
Brunton Torpedo 2600 Review and Test - Hope StrongI have used the Torpedo now for months, and it is a great way to always have battery backup. You can plug three devices into the Torpedo as it is being charged in your vehicle, and then you can take it with you. Fully charged, the Torpedo can restore my iPhone 6 to nearly 100 percent.

Brunton Torpedo 2600 Review and Test - Hope StrongI have come to depend on the Torpedo, and it has never let me down, like it did the first time I used it.”


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