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SnakeReportWith over 80 miles of prime Snake River Cutthroat trout habitat between Jackson Lake Dam and Palisades Reservoir, the Snake River in the Jackson Hole region is an incredible fishery as well as one of the last strong holds of native cutthroat trout in the Rocky Mountain West.  Anglers of all skill levels with enjoy this fishery and the numerous opportunities it offers between floating and wading riffles, braids, channels and whitewater sections.  With a robust population of fish between the 8″ – 14″ range and plenty of fish over 16″, the Snake River offers it all for every angler in the Jackson Hole region and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


Snake River Flows:

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Winter Midges – Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report – (3.30.21)

The Snake is still low and clear. Wilson, South Park and Astoria boat ramps have all been plowed and are boat accessible. For those floating South Park to Astoria – BE CAREFUL. There is a new rapid on river left. It is a large wave train so be sure to push through it.

Flows have been are hovering at 545 cfs being discharged from Jackson Lake Dam. Expect some increases in flows as warmer days and nights start to melt some of our snow pack. With the recent warm weather, we’ve seen an uptick in our fishing opportunities on the Snake. Expect to see some Midges and Capnia stoneflies. These bugs have been creating some great dry fly fishing opportunities in slow water types including pools, eddies and recirculations. Look for fishing to get going as our days lengthen and warm up. Anglers can also find some good fishing opportunities up by Jackson Lake Dam by throwing streamers on intermediate and sink tip lines.

Snake River Fishing Report


Snake River Fishing Resources:

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