Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder – Guide Product Review

Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder – Guide Product Review:

Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder

Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. We pick some of our favorites from the WorldCast Anglers Fly Shop, put it in the hands our guides and have them test and try them out. From the Teton Canyon whitewater to Yellowstone National Park,  WCA Guide Brian Johnson is on the move so the Fishpond Eagle Nest Travel Pouch and River Rat Koozie are perfect fits.

Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder

“Let’s face it, fly fishing is a gear intensive sport.  The more gear I accumulate in the name of chasing fish, the more I have to stay organized. Once again the crew down in Colorado at Fishpond has the answer. The Eagle Nest Travel Pouch has been useful for all sorts of different purposes. Whether it’s organizing leaders and tippet, a sleek addition to the lunch kit, or storing toiletries on an overnight these travel pouches have been handy.

Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder

As a guide, the travel pouches have become a part of my lunch supplies. I use the medium size for cutlery, napkins, and hand sanitizer. The larger one stores plates and some snacks. The product is durable and has a nice clean look.  The zippers are bomber, and the pouches can be conveniently attached to just about anything with the easy, built-in clip. Grab one of these to stay organized and keep your kit tight.

Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder

All the better to be organized when you start to enjoy some adult beverages kept cool by the River Rat Beverage Holder from Fishpond. This Koozie zips the can in and keeps your beer cold while you attempt the perfect drift.  Fishpond’s products this year all look fresh, and the beverage holder is no exception. Insulated side walls and a molded top and bottom will protect your cold one. A neck strap is also included for a great wade fishing set up. Grab a beverage, zip it in this Koozie, and go enjoy the power of the river.”

-WCA Guide Brian Johnson

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