Caddis Time – Henrys Fork Fishing Report

Henrys Fork Fishing Report

Henrys Fork Fishing Report – (5.10.19)

Ora Bridge Construction Update from Henry’s Fork Foundation:

Ora Bridge – Temporary disruptions (20-30 mins) are possible over next 3 weeks, but should have no impact on water quality. Fremont County is hoping to share weekly updates regarding progress at Ora Bridge on their Facebook Page

During May and June 2019, construction is scheduled to involve hauling in fill, building the wall on the East side near the parking lot, and some excavation work on the West side.

Lower River: With the arrival of spring, look for the lower Henry’s Fork to offer some of the good fly fishing opportunities around Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho. Anglers should look at Warm River, Jump Off Canyon, Ora, Vernon, Chester and Fun Farm to all offer access to the Henry’s Fork during the late winter and early spring months. Nymphing will be the most productive with small rubberlegs, zebra midges and other sparse mayfly or midge patterns. Caddis are out and the fish are looking for them as well as leftover BWOs and Midges.

Upper river: The Box canyon via Island Park Dam is going to be your best option during spring months. Nymphing will be king with small tungsten jigs, mayfly baetis imitations and zebra midges.

Henrys Fork Fishing Report

 Henry’s Fork Fishing Resources:

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Henry’s Fork Watershed Map

Henry’s Fork Railroad Ranch Map

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Henry’s Fork Shuttles – Idaho Irresistibles – (208)-652-3669

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