Henry’s Fork Bridge Construction Update

A quick update from the Henry’s Fork Foundation about some bridges popular with Anglers on the Henry’s Fork:

Del Rio Bridge

“Construction will begin this spring on both Del Rio and Stone Bridges. Work on Del Rio Bridge will begin next week, and the road will be closed during the entire duration of construction. The informal boat launch upstream of the bridge (and just downstream of the Salem Union Canal diversion dam) will also be closed. Work is expected to wrap up by the end of November.

 Idaho Transportation Department plans to install a temporary work platform upstream of the existing Del Rio Bridge, then build the new bridge in the same place as the old bridge. The new bridge will have a different design, but will be built within the state’s existing highway right-of-way.

Stone Bridge - Warm River Put-In

After a break for the winter, work on Stone Bridge will resume this spring. No work in the river will take place prior to June 1, in order to avoid potential effects on the salmonfly hatch and on floaters coming downstream from the Grandview access during the month of May. However, some out-of-river work will occur prior to June 1.

Although we do not anticipate any effects on access to the boat launch, travel along North Fisherman’s Drive (North River Road) may be restricted or delayed for a few hours on a few days during June, while girders are trucked in to the north side of the bridge site. We will provide more information on specific days of travel restrictions as soon as we have the information.

 The new bridge and is scheduled to be completed by the end of November. Removal of the old Stone Bridge will occur during 2015.”

Contact the Henry’s Fork Foundation at (208)-652-3567 if you have any questions.


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