Inside the Mind – Derek Hutton WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

Inside the Mind – Derek Hutton WCA Destination Travel Trip Host:

WorldCast Anglers Destination Travel Manager, Chris Littauer, sits down with Derek Hutton for a peek inside the mind of a WorldCast Anglers Destination Travel Trip Host. Derek shares his passion for travel, his favorite fish to eat a fly and where he would go if the world was ending tomorrow!derek-hutton-big-brown

CL: “What WCA Destination Travel locations have you fished and which destinations are your currently hosting trips to?”

DH: “I currently have plans to continue hosting trips to Mongolia, Chile, Mexico, and Costa Rica.”


CL: “I know this is a tough question to answer, but what is your favorite specie of fish to pursue on the fly? Why?”

DH: “My favorite species to pursue on the fly is sight fishing small dries to Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. Other than trout, my favorite pursuit is sight fishing to tarpon. Tarpon are strong, aggressive, acrobatic, large fish that are difficult to land. What else can you ask for in a sporting fish?”


CL: “You live in one of the trout fishing meccas of the world. Some people would think it’s crazy to leave this paradise and chase fish across the globe. Why do you do it?”

DH: “I enjoy destination fly fishing trips away from my extraordinary home waters because I enjoy pursuing different species on the fly and experiencing different fisheries with a fly rod. The locations I host are carefully selected based on scenic beauty and cultural interest. Also, tThe best fishing for specific species during peak times. These trips also create strong, authentic and lasting friendships with the participants as well as the local staff and guides. I think we all grow as fly anglers as we encounter new tactics, species, and locations. Plus, it is just crazy fun!”


CL: “What is your favorite memory or story from a destination travel fishing trip?”

DH: “I have two favorite memories, both from Mongolia. During one trip, part of our group decided on a side field trip to a town claiming to be the birth place of Ghengis (Chinggis) Khan. The town was close to the Russian Siberian Border and apparently there had been Russian Nationals “sneaking” or entering into Mongolia illegally. Our group had a satellite phone, solar recharging devices and were detained by the Mongolian Military until there US passports could be verified. Understand this took place at a check point near the Russian Border with armed Mongolia Military roughly a two day drive from the capital. It was intense, exciting and unsettling all at the same time. Everything worked out and the Mongolians even offered members of the group tea, while they were detained. My second favorite memory was my last trip to Mongolia where my oldest son had been working as a camp hand and gear boat rower for Mongolia River Outfitters. My father and I were able to travel with our group from WorldCast Anglers and experience an incredible 10 day lower river adventure in Onon & Bulge National park together. Three generations fishing together in Mongolia!”derek-hutton-rainbow-trout

CL: “What is the number one piece of advice you would give someone who is just getting into destination travel fishing?”

DH: “If you are just getting into destination travel fishing, my advice would be to discuss the trip with someone who has experience with the location and species. WorldCast Angler’s staff is a huge resource for this information. Be prepared with equipment and fundamental skills. As an example, almost all salt water fly fishing is streamer fishing, usually with some wind. You should have some experience with streamer fishing and practicing a single-haul or water haul cast before you go. If you do not have the basic skills, the trip could be tough. Prepare and practice!”


CL: “The world ends in two weeks and you have one final destination to fish before you die. Where do you go?”

DH: “If I had one final destination to fish before I died, it would be in the higher gradient, clear, headwater streams of the upper Amazon in Bolivia or Peru.  Indigenous peoples, indigenous species, in the Amazon, that sounds excellent to me.”

An experienced destination travel trip host is a key and crucial element of making your destination travel experience a success. The WCA destination travel hosts come from within WorldCast Anglers. They are experienced in a multitude of different fishing environments and locations. They measure success on identifying your fly fishing needs and preferences and meeting or exceeding your expectations. Their professional is a product of training, education and experience. Simply put, we don’t offer every location in the world, only the ones that meet our standards!

For more information on WorldCast Destination Travel Offerings, please email WorldCast Anglers or call us at 800-654-0676. You are also welcome to sign up for our e-newsletters.

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