Inside the Mind – Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

Inside the Mind – Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host:

WorldCast Anglers Destination Travel Manager, Chris Littauer, sits down with Vance Freed for a peek inside the mind of a WorldCast Anglers Destination Travel Trip Host. Vance shares his passion for travel, his favorite fish to eat a fly and where he would go if the world was ending tomorrow!Inside the Mind - Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

CL: “What WCA Destination Travel locations have you fished and which destinations are your currently hosting trips to?”

VF: “I’ve fished British Columbia, guided and fished in Seychelles, guided and fished in Chile, and fished in Guyana, which was very cool. I am currently hosting trip trips to Playa Blanca, Mexico. Last year I was involved in hosting four trips to Playa Blanca.”

Inside the Mind - Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

CL: “I know this is a tough question to answer, but what is your favorite specie of fish to pursue on the fly? Why?”

VF: “Trout because that is what started my interest. I like where they live. I love rivers. I have been fascinated with rivers my whole life. To this day, I literally dream of rivers. I love fishing for Permit and Tarpon in the saltwater because it is incredibly involved. It’s neat to do something where there is a steep learning curve. There is a palpable sense of me being better at the end of each trip, especially after trips when we have been successful. My last trip to Playa Blanca, I landed eight permit and I would say I am a 15% better permit fishermen than the trip before it. Mind you, I had two trips leading up to it where I didn’t catch a permit.”

Inside the Mind - Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

CL: “You live in one of the trout fishing meccas of the world. Some people would think it’s crazy to leave this paradise and chase fish across the globe. Why do you do it?”

VF: “If you’ve noticed, I haven’t traveled in a long time to catch trout because I agree with this statement. I envy no trout guide anywhere else in this country. We are indeed in the greatest trout fishing spot in North America. I travel to get experience, to see other stuff, to catch other fish and learn other methods of fishing. I would love to travel and fish for trout in Argentina and New Zealand though. I will do that.”

Inside the Mind - Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

CL: “What is your favorite memory or story from a destination travel fishing trip?”

VF: “I’ve enjoyed different trips for different reasons. Going to Rewa Eco Lodge, Guyana was unbelievable because the atmosphere and setting. You are in a jungle. I have never been to a jungle like that. I was completely fascinated with Arapaima and completely impressed with the guides ability to find and catch the fish. I was truly at their mercy. Half the time, I was casting to their tale rather than their head. I will always remember that fondly and I promise I will go back.”

 Inside the Mind - Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

CL: “What is the number one piece of advice you would give someone who is just getting into destination travel fishing?”

VF: “If your going to spend money and travel, you want to make sure your skill set is as good as it can be. If you can only cast 42 feet and need to be able to cast 60 feet, it doesn’t matter if the fishing is good because you will not be able to execute. Take your angling skills very seriously. I would set aside time in the months or weeks ahead of trip to actually practice to get better. Practice with the rods your going to be using. If your going to use a 10wt, practice with a 10wt.”

Inside the Mind - Vance Freed WCA Destination Travel Trip Host

CL: “The world ends in two weeks and you have one final destination to fish before you die. Where do you go?”

VF: “New Zealand. I’ve never been…”

An experienced destination travel trip host is a key and crucial element of making your destination travel experience a success. The WCA destination travel hosts come from within WorldCast Anglers. They are experienced in a multitude of different fishing environments and locations. They measure success on identifying your fly fishing needs and preferences and meeting or exceeding your expectations. Their professional is a product of training, education and experience. Simply put, we don’t offer every location in the world, only the ones that meet our standards!

For more information on WorldCast Destination Travel Offerings, please email WorldCast Anglers or call us at 800-654-0676. You are also welcome to sign up for our e-newsletters.

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