Patagonia River Guides Hosted Trip Report 2016

Patagonia River Guides Fly Fishing Trip Report:

 Patagonia River Guides Fly Fishing Trip Report

“There is something special about a Father and Son relationship. The time spent on the water or in the woods were always special times for me with my Dad. As I grow older, those times carry even more importance to me. My time outside with my Dad taught me to be a confident outdoors-man with a wide range of skills that included how to fish, how to drive a boat, how to shoot a rifle, how to swing a shotgun, how to build a fire, how to camp, how to plant a garden – the hard skill set and knowledge list goes on and on! However, it’s the other skills that I learned and were exposed to fishing with my dad that you can not measure. I was taught responsibility for my actions. I was taught how to release fish so they could reproduce and grow to be caught again. I was taught how to be safe and how to identify, process and execute my decisions with cognizance and awareness of those with me. And I was taught to respect and appreciate the opportunities I have, the places I get to go and the natural resources that make me happy. When our WorldCast Anglers Father/Son angling group formulated to see some of the greatest trout fishing in the world with our friends at Patagonia River Guides in Trevelin, Argentina, in April of 2016; I knew all of us were in for a treat. Most importantly we were going to build more father and son memories that would last a lifetime!

Patagonia River Guides Fly Fishing Trip Report

There is a reason that Patagonia has been long revered and sought after trout fishing destinations of the world. The stunning Andes Mountains, gin clear rivers and action packed fishing, comfortable accommodations and delicious cuisine always leaves anglers thirsting for more! Most importantly, Patagonia’s enormous trout readily eat foam fly patterns and attack streamers with vigor and gusto! Imagine the Rocky Mountain West a century ago. Explorers brought trout to Patagonia in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Little did they know, they would be creating a trout-angling utopia!

Patagonia River Guides Fly Fishing Trip Report

Patagonia River Guides Trevelin area fishing programs can quite honestly be some of the highest quality in all of Argentina as well as the Patagonia region. The geographical region around Esquel and Trevelin offer incredibly diverse fishing opportunities including two-dozen rivers and a multitude of lake fishing options. From the desert spring creeks to the rain forest water of Los Alerces National Park, everything is withing grasp while staying at the PRG Lodge at Trevelin.

Patagonia River Guides Fly Fishing Trip Report

Our father/son group truly experienced the diversity of fishing options during their stay. From streamer fishing the legendary Frey River for monster brown trout, to spring creek fishing with dry flies on the Arroyo Pescado to landing the largest brook trout of your life on the Corcovado River; our father and son fishing time was never cut short. Plenty of trout were landed, others got away and everyone left the trip with numerous “Father and Son” memories and fishing stories that will be never be forgotten. From the powerful hook set of Jeff Adams that can break a raft seat to Papa Pedro’s ability multilingual advice and sayings, sore bellies from laughter were a daily occurrence. 4 members of the group were added to the legendary Patagonia River Guides 25 Inch Club. We also set this season’s lodge record for most wine consumed on the first night – 22 bottles before and during dinner. Don’t worry, we were sharing the lodge with other anglers!


Unlike many hosted destinations, the guides and team at Patagonia River Guides make you part of their extended family during the week.  Complete with gourmet Argentine cuisine, complementary single occupancy lodging, traditional Asado for dinner and a new Malbec wine to try every day; the wilds and comforts of Patagonia are presented to and experienced by every angler with vast amounts of wonderful Argentine hospitality. If you are interested in experiencing some of the greatest trout fishing on the planet in combination with a culturally rich journey into the Patagonia region of Argentina, then this trip is for you!

25 inch club

Our utmost thanks and gratitude goes to the entire Patagonia River Guides Team and to our WorldCast Anglers Father/Son group (Jeff Adams, Nathan Adams, Ben Rogers, Dan Rogers, Kerry Rogers and Peter Dawkins (Papa Pedro))! Also, we own a big round of applause to the awesome LOL Team in Buenos Aires. If it wasn’t for you, there would still be a lot of gringos wondering around Buenos Aires! Patagonia is such a special place and the ability to share such a unique and wonderful experience with a group of Fathers and Sons makes it even more special. For more information on this trip in 2017, please email WorldCast Anglers or call us at 800-654-0676.  You are also welcome to sign up for our e-newsletters.  Trip information can always be found on our WCA Hosted Trips webpages. Don’t miss this opportunity to fish the greatest rivers in Patagonia, with the finest guides, staff, food and lodging offered in the world!”


-Mike Dawkins

WorldCast Anglers Vice President

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