Playa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge Spring Trip Report 2017!

Playa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge Spring Trip Report 2017:

“The weather report was a little off on our recent trip to Playa Blanca and Espiritu Santo Bay, they were calling for sun and winds out of the South 10-15 mph, to say I was excited for the report would be an understatement. The report changed to clouds and partly cloudy and winds out of the South East 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph! While the weather definitely had an impact on the fishing, it did not impact the group’s attitude and overall enjoyment of the trip, which was truly a pleasure to be a part of.

What was truly impressive was the fish that were still caught under challenging conditions which was a testament to the fishery and the guides.

It is no wonder why we are constantly going back to Playa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge month after month, even in very challenging conditions the logistics that can be controlled are, and the guides and staff make make the uncontrollables when they are not in your favor more palatable.

When we did get little breaks in the weather plenty of special fish were caught and the variety was impressive!


We brought back the hermit crabs races the last night, and I must say they are here to stay! There was a tie and a playoff race for the title. There was also a bet and the losers had to do the dance the Macerena live in front of the rest of the group!

We had a great time all week and I look forward to heading back down in June and better weather ahead!”

Mike Dawes

WorldCast Anglers President

April 2017

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