Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Guide Review – Brian Johnson

Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Guide Review – Brian Johnson:

Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. We pick some of our favorites from the WorldCast Anglers Fly Shop, put it in the hands our guides and have them test and try them out. Check out Brian Johnson’s experience with the Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan!

Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Guide Review - Brian Johnson

“Streamer fishing is about getting that big nasty streamer in front of the fish.  To catch fish, streamers need to get down to that prime strike zone, and stay in it.  This fly line helps deliver the fly accurately through easy casting, but gets down and allows the retrieve to stay in the prime depth.

Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Guide Review - Brian Johnson

The Sonar Titan Intermediate/ Sink 3/ Sink 5 combines many of the great technologies which Scientific Anglers is known for.  Integrating a normal tapered fly line with a fast sinking tip, this streamer line is easy to cast and effectively gets the fly down.  As the name suggests, it includes three different sink rates through the fly line.  The first 35’ is Sink 5, with a sink rate of 6 ips (inches per second). It also includes a short powerful taper on the head of the line allowing quick, easy casting with heavy bugs.  The next 20’ is made of Sink 3, with a sink rate of 3.5 ips.  This section performs nicely as the handling line.  The final 45’ is the running line, it is intermediate sink rated at 1.25 ips.

Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Guide Review - Brian Johnson

Overall, this line performed well for me during this summer of high flows.  When streamers were the ticket on the South Fork of the Snake at 18,000 cfs they needed to get get down in the water column.  This line casted well, smoothly shooting line, and helped keep retrieves down where those big predatory fish might make a mistake.  Like many sinking lines there were some issues with the line tangling in itself when I first began using it.  Proper spooling and a bit of stretching fixed this issue, and it got to performing quickly.  This line, as designed, gets down quickly, it is not for every situation, but in the right situation it was a great tool.  Numerous beautiful specimens were brought to hand thanks to this Sonar Titan, it has certainly earned its keep in my streamer line arsenal.”

-WCA Guide Brian Johnson

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