Simms Currents Shoe Review and Test – George White

Simms Currents Shoe Review and Test - George White

Simms Currents Shoe Review and Test – George White: Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. As a fly shop, we recognize it’s hard to differentiate between the plethora of angling gear choices. So, we put the gear in the hands of those that demand the most and the best, our WCA Fly Fishing Guides. We picked our top new products in the WCA Fly Shop for the 2016 Fishing Season. We placed those items in the hands of our guides to wear, use, cast, fish, abuse and enjoy! Simply put, it’s gear that is WCA Guide Tested.

Finishing up his 6th season at WorldCast Anglers, George floats, fishes and guides it all. Most importantly, he demands footwear that can do it a. After a couple days on in his new Simms Current Shoes, he now leaves his Chacos at home while on the water.

Simms Currents Shoe Review and Test - George White

“The Simms Currents Boat Shoe have been a pleasant addition to my fishing attire this past season. Initially I was skeptical of the change as I’ve always been a Chaco sandal guy while boat fishing. Here is what I discovered.

First and foremost, sun protection. I try very hard to keep covered up from the sun while fishing and the tops of my feet have traditionally taken a bit of a beating. Wearing a fully enclosed but breathable boat shoe has resolved this issue entirely for me.

Simms Currents Shoe Review and Test - George White

Next up, these shoes do a very nice job of keeping out the gravel. Very fine grains may sneak their way in, however those distracting little pebbles that have navigated their way between my sandals and feet since the beginning of time are now absent from the scene. This is a huge plus and the Currents Shoe is at the top of my list for shallow wade fishing in the gravel riffles.

currentsshoeSimms Currents Shoe Review and Test - George White
Lastly, these kicks are more comfortable than I ever would’ve guessed. It took a few days to break them in, but the ability to fold down the heel is awesome. Most of my time spent in the boat I use the shoes in slip-on mode, and as soon as it’s time to spring into action and hop out, the shoes are securely on my feet with about 5 seconds of adjustment. Overall, the Currents Shoes have been a pleasant surprise and will be a permanent fixture in my drift boat from now on.”


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