Simms Riprap Shoe Guide Review – Kevin Emery

Simms Riprap Shoe Guide Review – Kevin Emery:Simms Riprap Shoe Guide Review - Kevin Emery

Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. We pick some of our favorites from the WorldCast Anglers Fly Shop, put it in the hands our guides and have them test and try them out. WorldCast Anglers Guide Kevin Emery spends allot of time on his feet guiding and going in and out of the boat. Check out his experience with the Simms Riprap Felt Sole Wading Shoe.

“Hey Kev, what shoes are those that you’re wearing? Zack and Ben ask me.  These are the new Simms Riprap felt sole shoes.

Simms Riprap Shoe Guide Review - Kevin Emery

I can’t say enough good stuff about these wet wading shoes.  They are a great step forward in design and function.  I have been wearing the Simms Riprap shoes for several years now, and the new design is not only a better looking shoe, but they a more functional shoe, as well.  The felt sole is an option that helps out on the slippery substrate of the Henry’s fork and other area rivers we encounter.

Simms Riprap Shoe Guide Review - Kevin Emery

What I like most about these shoes is that they are lightweight, comfortable and stylish, coming in at 36oz per pair for size 11.  The new Riprap shoes look good both on and off the river and I feel like I am wearing comfortable running shoes that happen to dry quickly, feel great and don’t stink up the house or truck, even after two weeks of daily use. Get yourself a pair if these and go catch some fish.”

-WCA Guide Kevin Emery

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