Snake River Snow Pack Above Average!



What a winter it has been! After a January drought cycle that left many questioning our snow pack, February was recorded as the second snowiest months on record with over 11 feet (140 inches to be exact) falling from the skies!  This addition to our snow pack helps us create a long fishing season ahead with consistent flows during our summer months!


Snake River Snowpack 3-10-14

While other areas of the Rocky Mountain West are seeing below average snow conditions, Jackson Hole and Teton Valley have plenty of the white stuff saved up for the summer ahead. More Snow = More Water = More Natural Flow = Fish are Happy = We are happy!


Henry's Fork Basin Snowpack 3/10/14

The entire Snake River Basin looks to be in good shape and primed for a great fly fishing season ahead.  With current water occupying 50% of capacity, our above average snow pack in both the Snake and Henry’s Fork Basins should fill our reservoirs, lakes, rivers and streams with plenty of cold clean water that our trout love and enjoy.  This correlates to an above average run-off that will clear out silt and sediment and change our river systems and structure.  Something that every river system needs and wants!



Pre-season fishing should pick up soon as we see longer days and warmer overall temperatures.  Vernon to Chester is the first floating option available.  There is some ice at the Chester take out that can make it a little tricky but doable.  Floating options on the South Fork should open up shortly as warm weather moves in and boat ramps clear!


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