Stio CFS Pant and Eddy Shirt Guide Review – Kevin Emery

Stio CFS Pant and Eddy Shirt Guide Review – Kevin Emery:

Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. We pick some of our favorites from the WorldCast Anglers Fly Shop, put it in the hands our guides and have them test and try them out. Check out Kevin Emery’s experience with the Stio CFS Pant and Eddy Shirt!

Stio CFS Pant and Eddy Shirt Guide Review - Kevin Emery

“The Stio CFS Board Pants and Eddy Shirt L/S are two pieces of clothing that I have worn a lot on our local rivers this guiding season. I have worn these stylish items in every type of weather Eastern Idaho can throw at a fishing guide. During the hot dog days of summer I felt cool in these fabrics and when I needed them to dry out quickly during the colder mornings and evenings, they did just that.

Stio CFS Pant and Eddy Shirt Guide Review - Kevin Emery

The CFS Board pants did an exceptional job drying quickly and had that “flowy” feeling of beach wear. The front panel string closure with the Velcro tab worked surprisingly well. I was concerned that the Velcro tab would dig into my belly while bent forward rowing my drift boat but I never even noticed it. The elastic string loops in the pant cuffs were a nice addition as well. I cranked on the cord a few times in the early morning hours to pull the pant legs up and avoid getting them wet while preparing for the morning launch. My only negative with the pants is the cut on the front pockets. Several times, I would catch the oar ends in the pocket opening. I tore a few stitches out of each pocket, but no failures in the integrity of the pants. These Pants will definitely be making the trip to Mexico with me this coming November. “Surfs up and fish on”

Stio CFS Pant and Eddy Shirt Guide Review - Kevin Emery

Stio’s Eddy Shirt L/S had won me over from the moment I saw those pearl snaps. UPF 50, Sphero stretch blend materials, a weather resistant finish make this a pretty ideal shirt. The look of this shirt is a true go anywhere, do anything, summer wear. On the river, in the pub or on a date, it fits in. The best part about the cut of these shirts is the longer shirttails. I am a 6’0”, true medium and often struggle with shirttails not being long enough to tuck in and not have the tails rise back out too often. I have not needed to tuck in again all summer long. Well done, Stio!”

-WCA Guide Kevin Emery

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