Tacky Fly Box Review and Test – Ben Rogers

Tacky Fly Box Review and Test - Ben Rogers

Tacky Fly Box Review and Test – Ben Rogers: Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. As a fly shop, we recognize it’s hard to differentiate between the plethora of angling gear choices. So, we put the gear in the hands of those that demand the most and the best, our WCA Fly Fishing Guides. We picked our top new products in the WCA Fly Shop for the 2016 Fishing Season. We placed those items in the hands of our guides to wear, use, cast, fish, abuse and enjoy! Simply put, it’s gear that is WCA Guide Tested.

 Starting his third season at WorldCast Anglers, Ben Rogers is an avid fly tier and traveling angler who needs his flies organized. Throughout the greater Jackson Hole region, Will has his flies safe in an efficient and effective manner. with the Tacky Fly Boxes!

Tacky Fly Box Review and Test - Ben Rogers

As a guide, I am constantly working to find better ways to keep my gear organized in an efficient manner, especially when it comes to flies. Having an effective, durable box to store my bugs in saves me time and hassle during a day on the water. For the last several months I have been using Tacky Fly Boxes, and have been very impressed with the quality and functionality of their products.


The boxes come in three sizes, the original, the daypack, and the big bug box. All three boxes share the same construction and materials and vary only in size and interior layout. The first thing I noticed about the boxes is the overall quality of construction. Besides being tough, these fly boxes have several unique features that set them apart. A clear top allows me to easily browse through flies and quickly find what I’m after. All four corners have a magnet latch that firmly closes the box every time, preventing a dropped and emptied fly supply in the bottom of the boat. The pre slotted silicone insert easily takes flies and is extremely durable, even after weeks of daily abuse the insert still looks and functions like brand new.

Tacky Fly Box Review and Test - Ben Rogers

The original box is a perfect size for carrying a huge selection of flies. Either in the boat or on foot, the original can hold enough bugs for any day of fishing. Combine carrying capacity with a slim lightweight design and you have yourself a go to fly box for almost any situation.

The daypack is one of my new favorite boxes. As a guide I have an enormous collection of flies, and even though this is the smallest of Tacky’s offerings, I have found it an irreplaceable piece of my arsenal. The small compact box is perfect for storing flies by species. I have been using mine to house my PMD mayflies, nymphs, emergers, dries all in one box. One quick go to box for all things PMDs. Also the daypack would be the perfect size for a fast light backcountry wade mission when size and profile are limiting factors.Tacky Fly Box Review and Test - Ben Rogers

The big bug box is just what it sounds like. It’s a box for all of your big bugs… from streamers to big foam stoneflies and hoppers, to big hooked saltwater flies. With a noticeable larger depth dimension, the big bug box can easily house all that big nasty meat we love to throw, and yet again, no amount of pulling flies in and out of the silicone insert affects it in anyway even with the sharpest, most serious of hooks.

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