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Delger River – Mongolia Taimen Trip Report

Delger River – Mongolia Taimen Trip Report: I think most fly fishermen would agree when I say the pinnacle of our sport is “sight fishing”. Whether it’s trout in New Zealand, carp on Blackfoot Reservoir, bonefish on Grand Bahama or permit in Mexico there is nothing in the world that can match the excitement and […]

Mongolia Upper Onon Trip Report 2014!

It is a part of our seasonal routine at WorldCast. As fall arrives each year, we depart on another trip to the Mongolian Steppe in pursuit of Taimen, Trout and Pike. This year’s trip marked the seventh WorldCast hosted trip to the Amur River Basin in Northeastern Mongolia and for the seventh year in a […]

WCA Mongolia Trip Report!!!

In the first week of October, WorldCast Anglers hosted its annual trip to the Onon River in Northeastern region of Mongolia in pursuit of the legendary Taimen. This year’s group of anglers arrived from across the world including Hong Kong, Beijing, Colorado and Southern California. Apart from one trip host, CG Sipe (WorldCast Anglers’ Outfitting […]