Meet the WCA Fly Shop Staff: Zak Beavers

Meet the WCA Summer Fly Shop Staff: Zak Beavers

WCA Fly Shop Staff: Zak Beavers

Meet the guys behind the scenes at WorldCast Anglers! Many are new to the area as well as WorldCast Anglers; however their passion for fishing and the outdoors runs true and strong. While you may not recognize their faces, they are working diligently and tireless to make your trip of fly shop experience a memorable success. Meet Zak Beavers!

WCA Fly Shop Staff: Zak Beavers

I was born and brought up outdoors in Tennessee, Ocoee to be more specific. When I was 13, we moved to a 120 acre ranch in Ennis, Montana, where the outdoor activities were countless. I attended the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in 2007-2008 and went on to work at a veterinary hospital. My favorite species to target are Southern Brookies and I’m a big time Bob Seger fan. I every have some love for Stevie Nicks. If you throw some classic rock on, you’ll see me bust a move or two. If I could eat anything, it defiantly would be Crawfish Étouffée when I get off the river. I also have a dog named Steve that goes everywhere with me. He is my right hand man. Steve loves a good belly rub and nice pat on his noggin!

WCA Fly Shop Staff: Zak Beavers

Zak is working in the Outfitting Department this summer season.

 – Favorite Quote: Fish On!

– If you could fish with one fly for the rest of your life, what pattern would you choose? Why?: Black Woolly Bugger.  I’ve found it to be the most consistent fly (for me) on waters all over the country.

– If you could take one person fishing, deceased or living, who would it be and where would you go: I’d go with my Dad.  He’s a good friend, human, and angler.  I’d love to take him to chase browns in New Zealand.

– Favorite Fishing Memory: I hooked my first trout on a stone fly nymph on a cold mid February day, with snow falling from the sky.

WCA Fly Shop Staff: Zak Beavers

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