Estancia de los Rios – Chile Fly Fishing

Estancia de los Rios - Chile Fly FishingEstancia de los Rios, located just outside the fly fishing mecca, Coyhaique, is a dream come true for trout fishermen in pursuit of big, wild brown trout. This 360,000 acre ranch offers over 60 miles of private river, several spring creeks and multiple lakes that are exclusively fished by a small group of guests each week. This is an angler’s paradise with pristine scenery, large and eager brown trout, an authentic and very comfortable lodge and a professional staff that ties the entire experience together.



Estancia de los Rios - Chile Fly FishingChilean Patagonia is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world. Combining untouched, preserved landscapes with dramatic mountains and gin clear rivers, this is a place one should visit even if it is not to fish. A setting that is very reminiscent of the American West, Chilean Patagonia shares a very similar beauty to parts of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana but without nearly the human footprint or presence. The setting and fishing are often described as the Rocky Mountain West 50 years ago.







Estancia de los Rios - Chile Fly FishingEstancia offers some of the very best brown trout fishing in the world. The private waters located on the ranch are inhabited exclusively by Brown Trout that were originally introduced from Scotland in the late 1800’s. The fish that currently exist in the rivers, spring creeks and lakes on the ranch descend from this original stock and are as healthy and wild as any trout in the world. Although the trout are not native, they have thrived in the cold, clean waters of Patagonia and grow to immense sizes living off of mayflies, beetles, minnows, and crayfish. With a very limited and controlled amount of angling pressure, these fish are hungry and willing to eat. Only a maximum of 12 guests per week have access to the vast system of fishing options that Estancia offers. The knowledgeable and bilingual guide staff has a unique understanding of their water that can only come with hours, days and seasons spent in pursuit of its trout. This is the guided private water fishing experience at its finest.


Estancia de los Rios - Chile Fly FishingAfter a long and satisfying day of fishing private water, everyone returns to a comfortable and spacious lodge for a gourmet Chilean dinner served with the best local wines and liquors available. The lodge features six double bedrooms with private bathrooms and mountain views, a living room, dining room, fly tying room, souvenir room, tackle room and access to telephone, internet and fax. Although remote and tranquil, Estancia pays special attention to all the comforts and services of a first class lodge.



Estancia de los Rios - Chile Fly FishingIf you enjoy fishing our local waters of eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming, you must make a visit to Estancia and experience a quality of fishing that can only be found in the most isolated parts of the world. Whether you prefer fishing large terrestrial dry flies on a windy afternoon or stripping streamer patterns for giant lake brown trout, Estancia has an amazing variety of consistent, private fishing that will fulfill your fishing desires.

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