Himalayan Outback – Golden Mahseer Adventure

Himalayan Outback – Golden Mahseer Adventure: Fish the mighty Saryu and Mahakali Rivers on the borders of India and Nepal! Combining the cultural excitement of New Dehli, Agra, the Taj Mahel, a  tiger safari and experience in Jim Corbett’s National Park and Golden Mahseer fly fishing adventure, this trip is far from the ordinary! Journey far into the Indian Himalayan mountain range to experience this one of kind angling excursion.





The seeds for The Himalayan Outback began with a young outdoor enthusiast, Misty Dhillon. In 1994 young Misty Dhillon was first seduced by the mighty Himalayan Golden Mahseer. After his first few encounters, with what he calls a ‘Majestic Goddess’, it became apparent that his extraordinary passion was more than a seasonal obsession. The Himalayan Outback began as a young man’s dream to explore India’s untouched outback. This led to the connection of hundreds of anglers to a stunning eco-system and the people that have called it home for thousands of years. We are delighted to share these precious gems of India with you.


Not only is this trip about pursuing a Himalayan Mahseer; it’s about the culture, it’s about the people, it’s about life. The first half the trip is spent exploring the history, land and people of India with visits to Agra, The Taj Mahal, and the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. Most destination fishing trips tend to focus solely on the fish and the immediate environment around the lodge and water. This adventure incorporates a context to the fishing that will resonate well beyond even the best grip and grin photo.


The second half of the trip is spent floating and fishing the beautiful Saryu River and Mahakali River on the borders of India and Nepal. There is truly not a more relaxing feeling than floating the Saryu River, protected by the peaks of the Himalayas, searching for the elusive Mahseer. The fishing is not easy; however, the reward is much more enjoyable because of the hard work that was put into it. Think of Steelhead fishing deep in the Himalayas. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, and the guides, along with the experienced host: Michael Dawkins, will give you opportunities to make your dream come true.


The Himalayan Mahseer, also known as the Golden Mahseer, is not your typical fish. They are beautiful creature but don’t let that fool you. They are hard fighters and aggressive predatory hunters. WCA Vice President and trip host Mike Dawkins eloquently described the sensation of first holding and interacting with such a majestic creature:



“I had heard stories of the Golden Mahseer and their armor-clad bodies, prominent lateral lines, and incredible fin-to-body ratio. Almost every color in the rainbow can be seen in a Golden Mahseer. Turn it one way in the light, and you see warm tones of gold, yellow, orange, and red. Change the angle, and you see cooling blues and emerald greens. Native to the Himalayas, they survive the harshest environments with the largest swings in water levels created by monstrous monsoonal flooding and snow melt from the highest mountains in the world. How they do it, no one knows. Now I was holding one in my hands, one of the most beautiful and inspiring fish known to man!”


The accommodations while fishing will be the comfortable deluxe river camp resting on the banks of the Saryu river. Hearty meals and drink are served with world class Indian service. A evening campfire is always enjoyed while sharing fish stories from the day while listening to the wildlife and watching the sun set in the world’s tallest mountain range.


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2018 Trip Dates:

March 10th – 21st, 2018 (Spaces Available)

Host: WCA Vice President Mike Dawkins

Orvis – An Epic Quest to the Himalayas in Search of Golden Mahseer – Part I

Orvis – An Epic Quest to the Himalayas in Search of Golden Mahseer – Part II

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Hosted by WCA Vice President Mike Dawkins: