Peacock Bass – Agua Boa Amazon Lodge 2015!


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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge 2015!


Bryan Sander Peacock Bass

Honestly, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge never disappoints. With water levels dropping and water clarity at it’s finest, the WorldCast Anglers Hosted Week proved to be a sight fishing festival for large peacock bass, arowana and a multitude of different Amazon fish species that the Agua Boa river calls home. Factor in some of the best wildlife and bird viewing in the Amazon, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge continues to impress anglers of all skill levels as well as those that simply enjoy fishing in an ecosystem that time has not touched since the beginning of time. Fishing trips with your friends are supposed to be memorable and when the laughs around the pool are as fun as the big peacock bass, then everything is just right at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge!


Bryan Sander

In most fly angling environments, clear and calm water always breeds spooky fish that prove to test all anglers skill levels and abilities. Wheather it is a trout sipping PMDs on a small spring creek, steelhead stacked up in a gin clear pool or bonefish tailing on flat; anglers must change their strategies and techniques to get their fly to the fish in the most stealth-like fashion. Longer leaders and clear-tipped fly lines became anglers friends during the week as the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge showed the WorldCast Anglers group what type of fishery it could be during low water periods. All anglers broke the 10lb mark during the week, including a couple massive bruiser peacocks from WCA client Bryan Sanders that came close to the 20lbs.

 john scott arowana II

Simply stated, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge offers some of the greatest diversity in fly fishing in the Amazon! One of the biggest highlights from the WorldCast Anglers week included a great influx of Arowana into the lower river system at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. The lodge and guides have been patiently waiting all season for the Arowana to show up from the Rio Branco and for good reason! Imagine vast shallow sand flats, groups of arowana cruising through different currents and zones while you paitiently wait, aim and target one of these prehistoric fish that are comprised of just “tail”. After multiple days of stripping as fast as you can to trigger the destructive instincts of  the mighty peacock bass, the arowana forces you to slow down, make a long and accurate cast and present your fly perfectly in the “zone.” Imagine poling and “baby tarpon styled” fishing on massive sandbar flats but in the middle of the Amazon. Only at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge!


Fished out!

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is built for the angler to maximize their “fishing” time and experiences on the water. Angling days are customized to your liking; as short or long as you want! In combination with comfortable accommodations, wonderful food, pool and full service bar; you are setting yourself up for a fly fishing experience of a lifetime. There is a reason it was rated as one of the Top 10 Fly Fishing Lodges in the World by Forbes Magazine! Obviously, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge has separated itself as the premier fly fishing destination in the Amazon! You will have fun, catch plenty of fish and have tired hands and fingers – memories of the days in the jungle with the mighty Peacock Bass! Email Us or call 800.654.0676 to reserve your spot on the WorldCast Anglers Amazon Fly Fishing Trip to Agua Boa Amazon Lodge!

2016 Trip Dates: January 23rd – 30th

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