Yeti Mag Slider and Jug Guide Review – Curt Hamby

Yeti Mag Slider and Jug Guide Review – Curt Hamby:

Every season, new fly fishing gear and tackle floods fly shops and the online world hoping to grasp the attention of anglers and customers. We pick some of our favorites from the WorldCast Anglers Fly Shop, put it in the hands our guides and have them test and try them out. Check out Curt Hamby’s experience with the Yeti Mag Slider and new gallon Jug!

Yeti Mag Slider and Jug Guide Review - Curt Hamby

“Yeti has had the Rambler Tumbler series out for some time and still a favorite of any fishing guide out west!  My personal favorite is the smaller version, the lowball!  It’s been a lot of places this last year, sitting at the patrol duty station for coffee, water, etc.   To the Bahamas for a couple of months of all kinds of spirits and packed in the dry bag for some epic multi day float trips. Check out the newest version of Yeti lids too, I just got the magnetized slider lid, works nice running the skiff and driving around looking for a secret option to slide in the raft, can’t break it and the slider comes off easy enough to clean!


Yeti Mag Slider and Jug Guide Review - Curt Hamby
The new Rambler Jug is Yeti’s newest creation. Same 18/8 stainless steel construction, this Jug comes in half gallon an gallon sizes. A little bit of ice and and lot of water can be consumed from these guys!  A new super item that goes in the boat every day!  Can’t hurt them, takes dings with a laugh!  Can unscrew the big lid for adding whatever and with small screw off cap to pour into smaller cups. The cap is magnetized and connects to top lid for easy to find when bumbling around!  Also Yeti has made Jug holders that can be bolted, screwed with a side mount or a floor mount to keep the Jug in place, comes with all the gear to install and is working out great!

Yeti Mag Slider and Jug Guide Review - Curt Hamby

Yeti keeps coming up with all kinds of new great gear and they always set the bar higher for their competitors,  Keep it up!”

-WCA Guide Curt Hamby

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